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Have you wanted to add portable affordable video production with live switching and streaming to grow your audience but didn’t know how to begin?
Do you have an organization that would be enhanced by video streaming, perhaps a church, school, sports club or performance venue?

Take your message to the WORLD!

Just think of people who would be thrilled to watch your videos from anywhere in the world on their computers, tablets, TVs and smartphones:

  • Homebound viewers who cannot make it to a church service or ballgame.
  • Business Colleagues anywhere in the world.
  • Entertainment fans who aren’t able to attend a performance.
  • Students who cannot attend a class.

This is YOUR target audience and you CAN reach them using the internet and video streaming!

Don’t Get Boxed In!

At Stream Breeze, we let you think OUTSIDE the box. Unlike some other manufacturers, we can custom configure your Stream Breeze system to your exact needs so you are not stuck with a one-box-for-all product!  Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc. offers a full line of dedicated Multi-Camera Live Switching and Streaming systems.

From our entry level Stream Breeze Flex to the enhanced Stream Breeze Pro to the versatile Stream Breeze Broadcast through our latest Instant Replay system, the Stream Breeze Echo, we have a wide variety of fully customizable systems to suit your production needs.

   Stream Breeze is perfect for Sporting Events, Houses of Worship, concerts, plays and other live events that you wish to share with a larger audience. We also RENT systems so that you can try before you buy, or simply use one for a short amount of time as needed!

Call us today 888-463-9805 to schedule a Live Demo!

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