Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc. offers a full line of dedicated Multi-Camera Live Switching and Streaming systems. From our entry level Stream Breeze Flex to the enhanced Stream Breeze Pro to the versatile Stream Breeze Broadcast through our latest Instant Replay system, the StreamBreeze Echo, we have a wide variety of fully customizable systems to suit your production needs.


StreamBreeze Echo System
Stream Breeze Echo

Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc. proudly introduces the Stream Breeze Echo, a four input variable speed slow motion instant replay system. The Echo was designed from the ground up for replaying of events where high quality HD video and reliability are top considerations and does this at a price point that won’t break the bank. Read more…

  • With a Stream Breeze you get:
  • Free Skype screen capture utility.
  • Free Video editing and DVD authoring package.
  • Free Social network plugin to display tweets and FaceBook comments.
  • Free real-time live text title updates package.
  • Free training (requires high speed Internet connection).
  • Kind and courteous support staff to help you with every step.

    The Stream Breeze live multiple camera production switchers offer breakthrough features for  houses of worship, educational or corporate and sporting events to stream live video with features and quality of a professional television station broadcast without the expense. The product family, which includes Stream Breeze Flex, Pro, Broadcast, 24/7 and the new Echo, allows producers to meet the aggressive demand for affordable an high quality live production with greater flexibility than any other live production and streaming systems on the market.

     Whether your audience is in an office, sanctuary, living room, on a cell phone or tablet. Quality video is what the Stream Breeze delivers to both live in-house and streaming audiences. By providing the tools to deliver  live video and multimedia content dynamically and professionally so the viewers remain engaged, and the message gets delivered clearly and effectively. Stream Breeze systems allow aspiring broadcasters to afford their own weekly show or even a web TV station running  24/7. Allowing anyone who can click a mouse to produce telling live video from virtually anywhere.  The systems offer a myriad of opportunities for streaming content on virtually any platform to any device including social media, and websites, to virtually anywhere in the world.Stream Breeze’s flexibility and ease of operation, allow everyone from novice or seasoned professional to produce professional, yet affordable live local programing as well as Internet video. Including tools for editing, animated lower thirds, instant replay with slow motion, virtual sets, titles with scoreboard, chroma key, multiple transitions, picture in picture, and both standard definition and or Hi-Definition compatibility come standard on all models.  Users can also import photos, flash media, and add titling with four overlay channels.  Capture sources such as live cameras, YouTube videos without downloading, Skype video calls, Google Hangout, Easy Worship, Power Point and much more.  Versatile outputs let the systems simultaneously  web cast, broadcast on cctv, send to video projector and record a archive simultaneously or for later use such as burn to DVD or even upload to the web for video on demand.

Stream Breeze is perfect for Sporting Events, Houses of Worship, Concerts, Plays and other live events that you wish to share with a larger audience. We also RENT systems so that you can try before you buy, or simply use one for a short amount of time as needed!


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